Our adventure

All Ready is a start up founded by 3 food enthusiasts and co-managers of the company Great Traiteur.

The mission is to offer local, healthy and well balanced dishes, freshly cooked by our chefs whilst still respecting the product and our planet.

Our vision is to be part of daily organisation and simplification of preparing a meal.


At All Ready, we all share three common values:

** The first is to always be professional, and to honour our commitments. At All Ready, we make no compromises when it comes to good and healthy food.  We do not use any preservatives, modified gas or other food additives.

** The second is to be a source of inspiration whether it be for our teams by allowing them the freedom to develop on a individual level or for our customers when it comes to their daily food. We are convinced that it is possible to eat well and respect the environment and local producers, without having to pay through the nose. Being inspired by nature we wish to inspire you as well to daily healthy nutrition.

** And lastly, we share the value of Ubuntu “I am because we are”. We would like to offer you a human experience, free from advertising lies, and which brings you a little joy everyday.



All Ready Green  

 “Show me your plate and I will tell you who you are”



 From the ground to your plate... First of all, we are supplied with products that are predominantly local. We cook food that is creative, healthy and balanced with only products that are in season.




The production is done without conservatives, modified gas or any other additives. Equally, we are trying to delve little by little into organic products. We suggest recipes that are healthy and filling for all taste buds. Whether you are a meat eater, a fan of fish or a veggie lover, we have what you like! Our goal is to make sure that you find yourself on your plate.




The packaging is equally eco-friendly. The biodegradable container tub that contains the dish is made from paper, it can be thrown an organic waste matter bin or in compost.  The lid is recyclable as well as the label and can be disposed of in a paper bin. All of the plastics that we use are 85% recyclable. The dishes are heated with the container in the oven or microwave.




In terms of delivery, All Ready opts for the mode of transport the most environmental friendly possible: bike or electrical car. The dishes are delivered at cold temperatures to keep its nutritional value, which gives it, its irresistible taste.




The secret of All Ready Green is respect before anything else. We respect you by offering delicious, fresh, healthy and balanced products on a daily basis. In addition, we also respect nature by making each stage of the life cycle of our products eco-friendly.




Do you also, want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Find out more at: https://www.be-organic.be/